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Android Nanodegree: Popular Movies
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Popular Movies is a 6-week project built for Udacity's Android Nanodegree program, aimed at developing a strong base in Android fundamentals. The app uses the API for content, keeping a local cache in a SQLite database.

Building a Content Provider was one of my favorite parts of the process. The framework allowed me to transfer the heavy lifting over to exiting Android code/processes: Loaders played a major role in establishing a link between the UI and the data. The framework is definitely built to provide an easy-to-manage link between the UI and the local database implementation.

I focused on responsive design from the very beginning -- used both Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 during development. I liked the way Android handles responsiveness, allowing for the responsive design logic to be placed in the xml layouts,. I especially enjoyed implementing the "master detail" pattern, didn't have to write a lot of new code to achieve it.

Some of the other functionalities that round out the mini-app are launching YouTube app for viewing trailers, storing a local "favorites collection" and sharing a link to a trailer. Here are some layouts:


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