AEN: Generative Music Algorithm | view project
AEN is my attempt at creating an algorithm which generates music that never ends. AEN is rule-based generative algorithm driven by controlled randomness.
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AIND Projects | view project
In Udacity's AIND, I explored and studied core AI algorithms by implementing them in game-playing agents, planning problems, speech and ASL recognizers, machine translators, and computer vision experiments.
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Variations on Fragments Generated by a Recurrent Neural Network | view project
Building on the tradition of composing variations using other composer's melodies, folk tunes and even birdsong, I trained a Neural Network on music by Chopin, Mozart and other masters to explore if the model could serve as an endless source of strange and inspiring ideas.
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Seating Charts (Android App) | view project
Build a seating chart for your classroom, your charity event, or your restaurant from your phone or tablet. Seating Charts can be used for a small classroom of 10 students, a wedding with over  hundred guests and everything in-between.
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Vel9 Watchface | view project
Vel9 Watchface integrates Udacity's Sunshine App to provide up-to-date weather data on the Android watchface. The weather information on the watchface is updated at a regular interval, and implements the Data Layer API for device-wearable communication.
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Popular Movies | view project
Popular Movies is a 6-week project built for Udacity's Android Nanodegree program, aimed at developing a strong base in Android fundamentals.
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